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[Portes] Timeline - Cycle 2

Day 1:
- Arrived, again! Talked with Thancred and Asch.
- Akito and Lind find a Rei.
- Someone pulled a prank on the notebooks, Akito had an unimpressed and a discussion with one of the Writers.

Night 1:
- Lind met N.
- Akito met Maurice and some tiny animals.

Day 2:
- Akito might not win games, but Agito sure as hell does.

Night 2:
- Frost Nags are annoying. Agito talks with Murtagh.
- Akito observed and trolled Asch and Murtagh arguing about horses.
- And then had an interesting discussion about existence with Mastermind/Hope.
- Lind ran into her not long after.
- Before she decided to ride around for the hell of it. She talked with Rei.

Day 3:

Night 3:
- Akito met Jade.

Day 4:

Night 4:
- Akito talked with Maurice about dying.
- Lind got annoyed at Asch and his fonon radar, before noticing wow that's some injuries there.

Day 5:
- Akito chatted with the Writer about last cycle and the world.
- And met Treasa.
- Lind got killed and Akito was not ready for the suddenness of it. Walter and Agito helped.
- Lind thanked whoever took care of the twins while she was gone.
- Akito met Richter.

Night 5:
- Akito and Lind talked to Asch. Fonon lessons? Why not.
- They wandered a bit before Akito and Agito rested in the storage room. Akito and Lind talked with Walter, while Agito spoke to Thancred.
- Agito also spoke with Rei when she appeared out of nowhere.
- Lind met Tanny.
- Akito met Alma.
- Akito pondered the extended night and warned about Mirror Man. He chatted with Asch.
- And then pulled the guy away from the music box.

Day 6:
- Asch posted a primer on fonons and related things. Akito talked with him a bit.
- Then chatted with a not-so-new arrival in X.
- Outside, he met Sil.
- And then got mildly unhappy at Rei about how last cycle ended.
- Before talking to Thancred.
- Lind met Simba.
- Lessons! Turns out Akito's a mild Seventh Fononist, Asch seems pleased about this. Rei has bad reactions to emotions.

Night 6:
- Thanks to dice Agito gets killed by the night monster.
- Every lady got an invite to dinner. Rei was upset about the contents. Lind was amused.
- The two met up shortly after.
- Akito met Tanny.
- Lind met X.
- Dinner with the Lord? This won't end well.
-- Lind and Rei chat quietly.
-- Lind recognises and talks to Hope.
-- She also talks with Livia, Seven and Rachel.
-- Playing up the Lord's ego. He seems to like Lind.

Day 7:
- Akito met Spade.
- Rei's collar won't come off. Lind is displeased.
- Akito met Soma.
- And Rachel.
- And Luke.
- Akito and Agito talk to Rei, and things...become awkward.
- Akito has a minor breakdown.
- A meeting in the garden about the collar was had. Rei, Lind, Asch, Walter and Kuja were present.

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