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App for Maison de Portes

Player's Name: Fortuna
Contact info:
AIM: SkyDream16
Plurk: FortunaDraken
LJ: [personal profile] fortunadraken

Character: Akito/Agito Wanijima
Canon: Air Gear
Version: Manga
Canon Point: ~Ch. 77, post Behemoth battle
Age: 14
Gender: Male

History: I hate Air Gear's wiki, so!

To understand Akito's background, first you must explore his mother's. Gazelle was a Brain Charger, the first in fact. In a world of Air Treck, motorised rollerblades with two wheels that were able to make you 'fly', Gazelle was given 'wings'. She was known as the Wings of Beginning, the first to be able to fly on AT and truly want to. Her talents on Air Treck earned her the title of Thorn Queen, one of the eight best riders, the Kings and Queens of the AT world. However, her wings were sought after by the Gravity Children. Whereas Gazelle's wings were given to her, Gravity Children were created to be the same. However they lacked the desire to truly fly. So Gazelle was wanted by the two most powerful, Sora and Nick Takeuchi. Gazelle ran from them, and along the way met Kaito Wanijima. The two fell in love, but it wasn't to last. Gazelle tired of running and in a final act, committed suicide while in the freezing waters of the Arctic.

Her body was recovered by the same scientist who made her, and from it was retrieved the child inside her. He was aged up slightly, in order to survive, and he was sent to his father, Kaito, who named him Akito. Within him lay a second personality, known as Lind. Lind was the personality and memories of Gazelle, essentially the same person. However, Lind grew dormant and eventually Akito forgot about his presence. He never knew about the circumstances that surrounded his birth, or who Lind was. He believed he was a normal kid, the only thing remaining from it was a terror of the Tower, where he was revived and stabilised, the lab that saved his life without him knowing it.

Taught to call Kaito 'Onii-chan' or brother, most likely due to the now lessened age difference, Akito grew up over the next few years with his brother, who taught him to AT. At the age of eleven, he gained the title of Fang King. However this came with a price.

The Bloody Road that he was King of hurt other riders. One night, he accidentally killed others as he rode. Akito's personality didn't allow this. He was too innocent, too naive. He'd been unable to see that he was hurting others, and Kaito's praise had carried him through it. But when he finally killed, he broke down completely. It also didn't help that that night, Kaito arrived with the cage. "You're complete, my pet," was the last thing he heard while free.

Confined to the small spherical cage and betrayed by his older brother, Akito broke down completely. His mind shattered in two. He refused to ride again, no matter what Kaito did to him. Even through the whipping, the rubber bullets fired at him, he would not ride. And in the depths of his mind where he cried, a voice rose.

' don't wanna ride? Then...I'll ride for you.'

That was the instant that Agito was born. The darker side, Agito was created to be the tool Kaito wanted while still giving Akito his innocence. An eyepatch dictated the control, the left eye belonging to Akito while the right was Agito. The dark instantly proved himself to be a better rider than Akito had by willingly and almost gleefully tearing apart his opponents. And despite his harsh demeanour, all of this was only to allow Akito to be safe.

After a time, Agito lost his title of Fang King, and the symbol of it, the Fang Regalia, to another. But despite this, it would lead to the teen's freedom. During a match, Agito met the one who was thought to be destined for the sky, the Sky King-to-be, the greatest of all riders. Itsuki Minami, more commonly known as Ikki. Agito abandoned his 'brother' and rode after the other teen, who stunned him into stopping. And showed Agito and Akito what it was to fly.

The two refused to go back to Kaito after that. They stayed with Ikki, Agito becoming the fifth and final member of the team Kogarasumaru. It was only awhile after joining that the match with the team Behemoth came up. And Agito got his chance to regain the Fang Regalia, and his title of Fang King. It was with Ikki's help that he regained the Regalia, only to end up hurt as Kaito's police squad raided the area. With a broken collarbone and now massive bruising and welts from the rubber bullets and whip, it was the last thing that happened to the teen pre-game.

Personality: This actually varies incredibly depending on who you’re talking about. I'll make a note here that the eyepatch the boy wears dictates which of the personalities you happen to be talking to. Left eye is Akito; right eye (with freaky slit pupil) is Agito. They often switch between each other with nexto-to-no warning at all. The two are very aware of each other, to the point that Akito considers Agito to be another actual person rather than a personality.

Akito. Considered to be the ‘light’ of the two personalities, he's really just a ball of fluff and fuzz. Incredibly cheerful and friendly, he gets on well with just about anyone who's nice to him in return. He adores cute things, and has a potential to be cute himself, to the point it's almost hard to ignore and can cause cavities from his sugary sweetness. Akito also dislikes seeing others down and will help in any way he can if he sees someone like that. He hates fighting and goes out of his way to avoid if he can.

Incredibly loyal to his friends and family and sometimes overly trusting, it's natural that he doesn’t take betrayal very well, retreating into himself and allowing Agito to take over. However, despite this he still loves his older brother Kaito, despite the man having treated him like a pet and tool of a good majority of his life (though he didn't realise until he was around 11). Akito's naïve to the point of idiocy sometimes, child-like and unwilling to deal with anything unpleasant. However, you manage to get him mad (something incredibly difficult to do) and he becomes far scarier than his other side. Akito also has a possessive and jealous streak that comes out when he feels he's being neglected in favour of others. Or you try to make moves on his precious loved one, Itsuki Minami, aka Ikki.

Agito. He’s the ‘dark’ side of the two, and it shows within a few moments of talking to him. Kaito, Akito's older brother, had been training the younger Wanijima in Air Treck in order to use him as a tool. When Akito finally realised this, Kaito refused to let him stop and threw him into a small cage. He was crushed by the betrayal from his brother and retreated into his mind, creating Agito. The dark was to be a weapon, the tool that Kaito would use against other storm riders.

Since he's created to be a weapon, Agito's violent by nature. He doesn't take trash from anyone and will not hesitate to tear you apart if you make the mistake of pissing him off. He'll also taunt and threaten just to get a fight going, even going far enough to call others out. He fights for whatever reason he likes, be it protecting himself/Akito, you got in his way, or he's simply bored. Matter of fact, a fight is the first thing he tends to look for upon getting bored. Agito loves to fight, a bloodlust in him that often makes others wary of him. He swears worse than a sailor, barely able to go a sentence or two without throwing a curse in, his favourite being ‘fuck’. The only one immune to this is Akito.

He does have a caring side, but unless you're Akito, it’s extremely unlikely that you'll see it. Agito cares deeply for his other side, believing his entire reason for his creation to be to protect the light. Bad-mouthing Akito or being mean to him is a sure-fire way to piss Agito off, fast. Threaten Akito and the dark will almost instantly attack once he sees you next. Agito's often said to be a shark, due to his bloodthirsty nature and love to fight. Known as the Fang King of the Bloody Road, he isn't fussy about showing you why by demonstrating on you.

Fears: Varies between the two.

Akito has a few major fears. One is being alone. Having Agito in his head helps suppress it a lot, but he doesn't like being on his own. He's very much a people person, and the more contact he has, the better he does. He also has a slight fear of rejection and betrayal, mostly from the people he cares about. Little things like Ikki pushing him away because he doesn't return the crush Akito has on him doesn't bother him, but major things such as someone Akito loves turning their back on him completely tends to break him into pieces. One of his most major fears is Agito disappearing. He needs his other half more than anyone in the world, so losing Agito would crush Akito completely. Akito also hates labs of any kind, and hospitals, the former more-so than the latter, but both make him want to get out quick-smart.

Agito's got a few fears, but his major one is anything happening to Akito. If Akito gets hurt, he blames himself and pushes himself even harder so that nothing happens again. God forbid Akito ever faded, because Agito would never forgive himself for failing him. Akito is his world; without him, Agito is nothing. His other main fear is dying. While he knows he's doomed to fade in their mind one day when Akito doesn't need him anymore, Agito doesn't want to die. The thought of dying scares him. He'd die for his other readily, but in general, he hates the thought.

Weaknesses: Funnily enough, these are common across the two. They are physically weak in the upper body, and will lose in a contest of strength. Fangs also really bite their user, too many of them will cause muscle damage to Akgi's legs.

Mundane Strengths/Abilities: Varies depending on who you're talking about. None of them are powers as such, just skills they've learned.

Akito has the abilities of a Tuner. This means he can read the 'song' or biorhythm of a person when in contact with them (the better the contact the easier it is; in other words it's harder when it's just a handshake, but easier in a hug). Biorhythm is all the sounds of the body working together, heart-beat, breathing and the like. Akito can use that to tell a person's feelings, or whether or not they're hurt. He doesn't do this often, because he feels it's rude. He has only basic abilities on Air Treck and tends to fall over when using them.

Agito can't tune, but on AT he's a powerhouse. Air Treck are two-wheeled rollerblades with motors in the wheels, which pretty much rewrite the laws of Physics. Riding up walls, launching ridiculously high into the air and taking forever to come back down, it's as if gravity doesn't exist for a skilled rider. And Agito is one of the best, known as Fang King, one of the top eight riders in all of Japan and possibly the world. His style of riding is known as the Bloody Road and it's an apt description. With the bladed wheels of his AT, his riding style involves cutting into a person's body, and usually leaves them severely bleeding, and on occasion permanently maimed or even dead. His AT also can make 'fangs', great blades of air that tend to rip up the surroundings with their energy while flying at an opponent, causing a good deal of injury. They can only be made with a run-up though, going at top speed, then braking near-instantly, the resulting energy feeding the fang that's formed by a strong kick. Fangs are capable of toppling a small building at full strength, but generally aren't that strong unless Agito's been conserving energy for awhile. He also uses four straps that tie to his legs, tipped with fish hooks, that he can control with deadly accuracy.

Sensitivity/Magical Ability: N/A

Supply List:
- His AT, complete with Fang Regalia. Described in the abilities section.
- A copy of his own personal and Kogarasumaru's emblem. Basically little metal logo badges.
- Four long bright orange straps that tie to his legs, each one tipped with a fish hook.

Game Transfers: N/A

Sample RP post:
This…did not make sense. At all. You couldn't just…pick someone up and dump them in a random house like this. It was impossible. They'd been finishing up the issue with Behemoth and the Fang Regalia and now…they were here. It didn't make sense.

Agito hated it when things didn't make sense.

"I fucking hate this place already," the dark muttered, looking around the entry hall. All in all, it seemed like a relatively nice house, if a bit dusty. 'Agito, it looks like nobody has lived here for ages…' came the quiet voice of his other. Akito sounded calm, but Agito knew his other half better than anyone. Akito was scared; this didn't make sense to him either, and that was enough to unnerve him.

He scanned the area a little more thoroughly. Front door, what looked like a closet of some sort over there, and another entry leading to the rest of the house. The front door was eyed suspiciously, and Agito delivered a sharp kick to it, AT wheels suddenly roaring to life, blades spinning wildly. When he lowered his leg, the door didn't even have a scratch. "The hell…?" A hand touched the oak curiously. No, nothing…that didn't make sense. He should've chipped it at least.

'Agito, I don't like this…'

Agito sighed and turned back to the hallway. 'Either do I. But we'll be fine. If the front door won't open, I'll just have to find a back door. Don't worry Akito, I won't let anything happen to you.' He felt his other smile a little, and in his mind's eye, the light nodded. 'I know you won't. Just don't get hurt.'

He snorted and didn't dignify that with an answer. As if anyone here could hurt him. He did rub his shoulder slightly though. Akito was going to have to stay inside for awhile…a broken collarbone took time to heal. Maybe before getting out, he should find something to stabilise it…the less it moved around, the better. AT whirred quietly as he glided across the floor, looking around. Time to explore this weird place…and hopefully get some answers while he was at it.

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