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App for Asgard Eventide

OOC Information:
Name: Fortuna
Personal Journal: [personal profile] fortunadraken
AIM: SkyDream16
Plurk: FortunaDraken
Other Characters: Nadda

IC Information:
Character Name: Akito/Agito Wanijima
Canon: Air Gear (I honestly despise the AG wiki, but it's the only reliable source with actual info)
Canon Point: Post-Behemoth
Age: 14 physically and mentally. True ages are 6-7 and 3 for Akito and Agito respectively (headcanon approximations)

Akito – Sigyn (they'll be based and living in this one)
Agito – Hel
I feel the need to explain Agito's. I wasn't sure between Hel and Heimdall for awhile, as Agito is all about his duty to Akito, but at the same time is a very dark and dangerous person, while also being very aware of what's going to happen to him. In the end, Hel seemed more appropriate, as Heimdall's powers focus on helping people – something Agito does not do. That made me think of Hel as being more appropriate.
Akito – Healing
Agito – Shadow Control

Personality: Two personalities in one body, a teen with Multiple Personality Disorder. Akito and Agito are as different as night and day, to the point of calling each other the light and dark respectively. Akito doesn't see Agito as a mere personality; the light regards his other half as his own person. So they share a body. It doesn't matter. They both have their own lives to live, right?

If you're looking at the teen, and the left eye is showing, you're talking to Akito. Akito's the 'light' side of the coin that he and Agito make up. When Agito took the sadness from him, it left Akito the innocence that he craved but would never truly have. Even to this day, Akito knows his hands are covered in a taint that will never go away. But he cannot linger on it. Instead, Akito tries his best to make up for that night.

He's the light, the fun. Akito's rarely seen unhappy, preferring to show the world a happy face that can make others smile. His desire to be liked comes out in an amazing amount of energy that's almost infectious. Indeed, it's hard to stay unhappy around him when he's in full blown hyper mode. It's the kind of thing that the girls in school are seen fawning over him for. The one thing that Akito values above everything else is a friend's laugh, and he loves to hear it. When he does become unhappy however, he will retreat behind Agito, and let his other deal with the bad things.

The boy is also optimistic to a fault. It's almost hard to believe, but Akito knows he must try his hardest, because inside there is always the lurking feeling that he will be rejected, or hurt. He knows the world is not a pleasant place. Spending so much time with his brother beating on him and the things he's seen his other do have made certain that it is one thing he cannot be naïve about. So he quells those feelings by trying to prove to others that being down isn't going to help anyone. It's ironic in a way, that he tries to stop others ending up like himself. But if he can do that, then he believes it's worth it.

Despite everything that Kaito has done to him, be it beat him, whip him or shoot at him until he's black and blue, Akito still loves his brother very much. Kaito scares him incredibly, but Akito does what he can to make his brother proud. Even after everything that happened, when Kaito idly pretended that Akito wasn't there so the light could get his things and leave, Akito had to take a second to thank him. Akito is, and always will be, loyal to those he trusts. And he's stubborn to a fault about it. If he believes you are a good person, no matter what happens he will continue to believe that about you.

His other half means the world to him. Agito is the dark to his light, and Akito honestly believes he couldn't live without him. He knows his other is his own person, and it bothers him when people call Agito a personality. He refuses to believe that his other will fade when he no longer needs him, because Akito knows he will never stop needing his other half. They are two sides to the same coin, and they will always need each other. When the dark is near to breaking, willing to die for his other in their next fight, Akito will reach out to those around, like their team leader Ikki, and beg for them to help save his other.

Finally, while anger is no longer common to him, Akito does have a very strong possessive and jealous side. It tends to show when the girls try to make moves on his beloved Ikki-kun. He is also immensely proud of his AT work as a Tuner. If somehow you manage to trigger something within him that strikes a chord of disharmony, his temper can flare to volcanic proportions, and can explode in the most vicious of ways. Akito does not get angry very often.

This is a very good thing.

If the right eye is showing and you're being glared at by a slit pupil, you've got Agito. Agito is the 'dark', and often seen to be a shark. He's earned the reputation that both it and his title of Fang King have given him. Agito is not the nice, kind person his other half is. With a bad temper and a tendency to swear like a sailor, Agito is mean, even occasionally cruel, and has no issues what-so-ever tearing into people and spilling their blood. The fighting is his drug, an intoxicating dance between life and death that he craves. When fighting a man that nearly knocks him out of the air by making a crane swing around into him, the shark saves him and laughs at the rush.

It's this alone that has allowed Kaito to control him for so long. Agito cannot stand Kaito. He hates Kaito more than any in the world. He refuses to call the man 'brother', and will not allow any sort of tie to exist between him and his other's brother. If it weren't for Akito, Agito would have killed the man long ago. However, his other means more than anything to him, and so Agito leaves Kaito alone, knowing it would upset his other forever.

‘Inside my dull consciousness, someone was calling for help. For some reason I could only hear that voice clearly. At that time I already knew...I was born for the sole purpose of protecting this one.’

Akito is Agito's world. Whatever he does, the reason behind all his decisions is Akito's wellbeing. If something is better for Akito, he'll do it. If it'll hurt him in any way, he'll be exceedingly against it. He forms acquaintances for his other's benefit, and destroy those who would harm him. No matter what happens to himself in the process. Agito doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that Akito is safe. While he may hate and dislike those around him, such as his teammates (at first anyway), the fact that Akito is safe with them and that Ikki can once again show the light the sky overrides Agito's feelings.

Despite his foul-mouthed and violent behaviour, Agito does have a caring side. It often only shows to Akito, and is the reason Akito can't see the bloodthirsty shark others call Agito. He knows that inside, Agito is still mentally a child, and can act like it on times. Socially awkward, he shies away from contact with other people that could lead to a somewhat normal conversation, preferring instead to swear them out and hide in his persona of the Fang King. When his team is teasing and taunting him too much, he hides, flicking the eyepatch and making Akito deal with it. Social things are not Agito's forte. And he has no reason to believe they ever need to be.

‘I knew that this day would come from the time that I was born. Two personalities within one body...there's no way it could last. My existence...eats away at Akito.’

He knows full well that he was born to be Akito's shield. When a shield is no longer needed, it is discarded. Agito fears this more than anything. He will do whatever it takes to keep Akito safe and alive, but he fears dying more than anything, except maybe for losing Akito. Perhaps part of the reason why Agito is so strong when he is protecting someone is because in truth, he is afraid to lose them. The emotional turmoil behind such an event could destroy him, and he knows it. Agito may be the invincible Fang King, but in truth, he is almost constantly afraid.

To have a normal life would be something like a dream to him. To be actually able to live for himself is something he never dares to hope for. But Akito knows him better than anyone, perhaps ever himself. And his other half hopes and dreams for him, for his other to live his own life.

The dark doesn't want to die. But with his belief that his existence erodes Akito's, he knows that he can't stay forever. He can't kill his other half. It's this love and obsession that will eventually kill him, unless somehow his other can find a way to stop it.

Within the two lies another, in a dormant form. He is the reincarnation of their mother, with her soul having been saved and placed into Akito's body to live on. Agito is unaware of his presence, and he has been quiet for so long Akito no longer remembers him. Lind's mind is too much for the body to hold awake, so he remains asleep. He will not waken, unless circumstances are so dire that he is needed to save his younger brothers. Lind does not affect the other two in any way, and none know of his presence except for Kaito.

As a note, I use blue font whenever I'm writing Agito's voice. It helps muns who have muses that should know the difference between the two, but are unsure themselves which one is out.

Network Sample:
...neh, this is so weird. Gods and magics and anyone else having trouble believing it? There's nothing like this at's so strange.

Still, I guess...even though I kind of want to go home, I'd like to help. Everything being grey like this is sad. [He's quiet for a moment, thinking on memories before shaking his head to snap himself out of it]

I guess there's nothing to do but make the most of it! [Cheerful. Even if it's really rather strange, Akito will roll with it until they find a way home] Who else is in Sigyn's house, ne? If we're going to end up working together, it'd be good to get to know everyone~ Though I'd like to know everyone else too! But that could take awhile. [Laughs at himself. With so many people and such a big place, it could take a long time indeed]

Oh! And I'm Akito. Akito Wanijima~ It's nice to meet you all!

What the fuck is going on here? [Hello Asgard, have a bad-tempered shark. Agito is not pleased to be here without warning]

All this bullshit of magic and's not like I give a shit about what happens here. Why the hell should I do anything? If anyone thinks they can fucking force me into doing this, they'll be getting a fang up the ass. If this is one of Crow's stupid stunts, I swear I'll kill him. [It would be something Ikki would pull, just to get a kick out of his irritation]

Any of you shitheads have any idea of how the hell to get back, speak up, because I'd really like to get out of this hellhole and get back to what I was doing. And whoever fucked with my AT, you are dead. [Yeah, someone's definitely dying over that]

Log Sample:
While learning of what had happened in regards to suddenly appearing in this place was nice and all, Akito wasn't too sure what to make of it. Settling in to the room he'd be given had taken no time at all, and now with an urge to explore, the light set off to wander around the section of the city that was apparently dedicated to the goddess who's house he'd been assigned to.

"This is all so strange..." he murmured to his other. Agito was tuned out at the present time, focusing on his own thoughts. Akito shrugged to himself. The dark must be in a mood. It happened often enough that the light accepted it and decided not to bother his other half for awhile.

He wandered down the streets, making notes in his mind about what he was seeing. Having a mental map of the city would come in handy in case he got himself lost somehow, and it would help Agito begin to piece together a run through the city. Hopefully the place wasn't too old-fashioned to the point where the dark got impatient. Akito winced at the thought. He did not want to see his other getting fed up with this situation.

The light decided to stop at one of the stores he spotted, talking with the people inside despite their strange appearances. Kind of creepy...but maybe it had to do with the whole issue of the place being so dull. The grey colours felt like they were leaching his usual bouncy mood away from him. He stepped outside again and rubbed his neck. He didn't like this place too much right now…hopefully the people who had arrived here like they had would be nicer. He'd heard that Sigyn was a house of kind people, which made sense as to why he was in it. But still...what about all the others?

'Akito let me out. I want to see the city.'

Surprised by his other suddenly speaking up, Akito nodded and reached for his eyepatch. Sliding it across, he closed his eye. Once the white cloth was settled over his left eye, the right snapped open, slit pupil focusing instantly. Agito wasted no time; he unlocked the wheels of his AT, crouched down and leaped high into the air. The motors whirred softly as he landed on a rooftop. The shark growled low, glancing down at the AT in question. Most of that leap had been from his own power, body naturally picking up and adapting to the AT and able to do a little more than a natural human. He'd barely made it up here. Snarling, he leaped once more, not at all impressed with what was going on here.

Now that he had a vantage point, even if it was nowhere near as high as he'd like and gravity was already deciding to be a bitch, the darker half of the teen scanned the area, automatically noting trick runs and anything of importance. His other watched from over his shoulder, invisible to anyone but him. The castle in the centre of the city looked important, but somehow he had a feeling that it wouldn't be a smart idea to try getting up onto it. Agito was not the type to rush into things like his idiot team leader. He needed to think about all this.

As he landed, golden eye noticed that the bracelet he wore had changed colour, or specifically the stone had. "The fuck?" he muttered, eyeing it before deciding he wasn't going to waste time thinking about it. Probably had to do with what that maid had said, that he was part of Hel's house. Heh, Hel...he honestly didn't mind the sound of that too much. It sounded dark and violent and potentially somewhat deadly. His signature shark smirk appeared on his face as he took off again. Teetering on the line of life and death...just the way he liked it.

Still, for now he needed to explore. AT roared to life as he landed and took off, skating easily and leaping to cross gaps in the rooftops when he needed to. The speed was nowhere near as high as he liked. Akito was going to have to work on these later. But for now, Agito wanted to know more about this city and what was going on here. He needed to; if there was anything here that Akito needed to stay away from, he had to know. He wasn't about to let this fucked up situation become worse by letting his other get hurt. So he rode on, determined to find out just what was really going on here.

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