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[Portes] Timeline - Cycle 1

Day 1:
- Arrived. Met Eight and Ricardo.
- Akito ran into Ed and Nina.
- Akito met Hizashi and Mello.
- Akito and Tim find a note.
- A meeting is held.

Night 1:
- They run into Ricardo and Tim.
- And are killed by the Faceless Mirror Man.

Day 2:
- A revived Akito was found by Tim.
- A meeting about forming a militia.

Night 2:
- Agito runs into Mary and they run from the Drowned Woman.
- Akito meets Kakashi.
- And also met the Twins.

Day 3:
- Woke in the attic with a new set of tattoos.

Night 3:
- Attacked by the Crawling Boy. Team Tim comes to the rescue.
- Mello finds Agito, and the Mirror Man strolls on in. (Backdated)

Day 4:
- Akito meets Lock.

Night 4:

Day 5:
- Akito and Lock talk and go exploring.

Night 5:
- Akgi find a room guarded by a monster, some people, and Lock. Akito gets very worried about his friend, and also gains G's approval.

Day 6:
- Akito finds Lock and is very worried about him.

Night 6:
- Agito is on the prowl. He runs into Lock and Giotto.
- The Phantasms capture him and leave them in a cell. Akito talks to a few of his cellmates.
- Experiment time.

Day 7:
- Woke up after experiment times. Akito was all the worried and Agito was all the out of it.
- Stuff with Lock in the Yellow Bedroom. The Girl shows up when Akito makes Lock agree to a promise, and Lind takes over briefly.
- Lind and Lock have a talk.
- Attempts to fix the bond, go. It works, but with what cost...?
- A meeting for the militia occurs. Akgi just happen to be nearby.

Night 7:
- Akito and Agito run into ALL THE NPCS. Those being the Perfume Lady, G, the Photographer Ghost/Grant and Lock.
- Leon's lost his mind. Agito proceeds to kill his ass.

Day 8:
- Lock wakes up. Akgido talk to him. Tsuna shows up later.
- Agito and Lind talk to Leon.
- Everyone is compelled into the Parlour. Agito's not impressed.
- Motherfucking spiders. All Agito's hate.

Night 8:
Events suck.
- Agito's stuck in the Candy room with Ulq, Davesprite and Castiel. He agrees to help the voice eventually.
- Akito's in the Stalker room with Ten, Ana and Iva. He decides to help the voice readily.

Day 9:
- Akito wakes up next to his other in the Parlour. Simon proceeds to recruit him onto his DnD team.

Night 9:
- Agito's lost his mind and Akito's afraid of him. He runs and ends up finding Lock and the one room the dark can't enter.
- Agito's on the prowl for people to hunt. He fights Tsuna, and G helps him take on Ulquiorra.
- He also runs into Johnson.
- Midnight. Lock realises exactly who Lind is while Akito puzzles over things. They find Agito and G, and then hole up in a room and have secrets time.

Day 10:
- With Agito mad at the world, Akito goes looking for Lock.
- He also meets John.
- Annnnnd Kaito arrives. Oh dear.
- Agito's not impressed by this. He tells Lock and Claire.

Night 10:
- Agito's in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Mirror Man and webs make a bad mix.
- Akito takes his other's death badly. Lock hides him and Kaito worries a little.
After midnight.
- Akito wakes up with a new friend.
- He then met Claire, one of the Twins.

Day 11:
- Akito and Lind wander around. They run into Lock and the Hollow.
- Oh hey it's an Ikki

Night 12:
- Having wings growing IN your back is kind of painful

Day 13:
- Agito found Lock and told him what happened the night before.

Night 13:
- Night sucks. Agito spends most of it watching over Akito with Lock. Ikki and Jeff showed up.
- Lock finds Bakura. Eventually he leads him back to meet Agito and Akito.

Day 14:

Night 14:
- Lind and Lock chat
- Akito met Ienzo

Day 15:
- Akito and Giotto talked about being sensitives
- He met Hughes
- And then hung out in front of the fireplace

Night 15:
- NPC funtime
-- Agito killed one of the companion Leeches, and Akito made his run
-- And then Akito comforted a very tired Lock

Day 16:
- Liz is pregnant. Lock is unhappy and Akito sighes at them both.
- Agito laughs at Ikki

Night 16:
- Agito and Miss just don't get along. Lind get separated from him, before Miss turns the shark into a puppy.
- Akito and Liz wondered about the Burning Man
- All separate, and all changed in some way. Akito, Agito and Lind meet up and talk with some others.

Day 17:
- Akito meets Jimmy and they both wonder about learning to fly
- Lind meets Hughes
- Akito sings at Lock. He meets Epsilon and Don, and talks to Rei.

Night 17:
Eventssssss. Akito and Agito are trapped in House 1, Lind's in House 3.
- Akito is afraid. He talks with Giotto, and meets the new Tsuna.
- Lind and Mukuro talk.
- Lind got some nice things from the Barkeeper.

Day 18:
- Akito's in a good mood! He pounces on Rei.
- And bounces around Don.
- Lind meets Aslan
- Akito calls out to Simon, and they talk about all the things
- Agito bothers Schwarz
- And then runs into Soma

Night 18:
- Agito dies, and Akito takes it badly. He's comforted by the Lady of the Den, Mukuro and Rei.
- Lind talks to Chrome.
- Akito finds out Liz's baby is okay and meets her rescuer, Soubi
- The newly revived Agito, Lind and Akito go looking for food, and run into Lock and G
- Akito, Agito, Rei and Sora find out dolls are not nice.

Day 19:
- Lind finds Lock and a hurt Red.

Night 19:
- Akito practises flying, Agito is...Agito, and Lind meets Don.

Day 20:
- Akito meets Victoria.

Night 20:
- Agito gets a Nightmare Plot.
- Akito and Lind find Lock.

Day 21:

Night 21:
- The house falls down. Fort rolls bad injury dice.

Day 22:

Night 22:
- Akito says safe and minds his brother. He talks with Rei and Kuja.
- Akito found Giotto and his glass creatures.

Day 23:
Event separation. This seems familiar.
- Lind at the adult's side.
- Akito at the child's side. He talks to Coraline, Aoko and Mukuro.
- Akito and Agito find Lock. Akito gets into an argument with him.

Night 23:

Day 24:
- Akito tries flying practise which turns into swimming. Thanks dice. He talks with Eilonwy, Mercury and Rei.

Night 24:

Day 25:
- Lind finds Lock. They chat, then she shows him what it's like to fly.

Night 25:
- Agito mets Coraline.

Day 26:

Night 26:

Day 27:

Night 27:
- Lind gets dragged into a murder game Rose set up.
- Akito talks with Giotto.

Day 28:

Night 28:

Day 29:
- Akito's been turned into a big cat; Agito's not impressed.
- They find Lock.
- Akito talks with Ken.

Night 29:
- Everyone's tied up.

Day 30:
- Akito talks with a very unhappy Lock.

Night 30:
- Agito meets Joseph.
- Akito and Agito meet Sephiroth.
- Cat!Akito worries about Lock and is an unhappy at Grant.
- Archer and Kimbley arrive and Agito is unimpressed. Akito isn't entirely either.

Day/Night 31 & 32:

Day 33:
- Akito talks with Rei.
- The twins fly around and chat with Sephiroth.

Night 33:

Day/Night 34 to 37:

Day 38:
- Akito meets Jack.

Night 38:

Day/Night 39 to 42:

Day 43:
- Woke in the Ballroom.

Night 43:

Day/Night 44 and 45:

Day 46:

Night 46:
- Akito talked to Rei and met her little one.

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