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[Portes] Information post - Cycle 2

This is a post of general information for Akito/Agito Wanijima at Maison de Portes.

Clothing details only noted when unusual or unique in some way

Between the three of them, they share a single notebook.

-- A jacket that used to be G/Spider's.

-- His Air Treck, called the Sand Tiger, complete with Fang Regalia.
-- An eyepatch, previously used to help change whether Akito or Agito are in control. Occasionally wears it.
-- A simple black choker collar with a silver shark charm attached to the bottom.
-- A plastic bracelet attached to one of his wrists; cannot be removed.
-- A warm cloak, won at the games in town on Day 2.

-- Gazelle's old AT.
-- A gold locket with two rubies in it. Given to Lind on Night 9 (cycle 1) for Mother's Day.
-- A silver charm with the design of two wings, one a feathered angel's and the other a bat-like demon's, joined at the base to show both wings come from the one person.

Chore notes:

Akito will do his chores unless circumstances arise that prevent him from doing so, though he will avoid the torture chamber whenever the dorm is on basement duty. Agito might depending on the chore and his mood, so it's fairly safe to say it's a 50/50 for him. Lind probably does not care enough to bother aside from maybe the tiniest of stuff if she decides she wants to buy something; bare minimum pretty much always if she does.

Injuries and Deaths:

--Day 1 - Fuck you collars. Agito kind of cut himself up a fair bit trying to fang the thing off after nothing else worked. Needless to say, it put him out for most of the day.
--Day 5 - Fort rolled a 100 and the mod rolled a 5. Let's just say Lind went the wrong way to hide from the guards and chores and the Steward had an Alice In Wonderland's queen moment.
--Night 6 - Thanks to being outside when night fell, of both the castle and the town, Agito got caught by whatever the monster that lurked in the darkness is.

Death counter: 0 for Akito, 1 for Agito, 1 for Lind.

Experiments, permanent changes, and so on:

Nothing cycle specific. Akito still has wings from a plot in the first cycle and will continue to have them forever.

NPCs known:

Notebook Writer #1 - They seem nice, so far Akito has a good impression of them (he sort of wants to call them a her, but doesn't truly know their gender)

Notebook Writer #2 - An older seeming voice, maybe a little more cynical or bitter, but they don't seem to be a bad person; Akito's learned a fair bit from them, mostly by accident since he doesn't generally probe for information (again with the gender thing, he tends to think of this one as a him)

The Guards - Good people in Akito's opinion, they protect others as best they can; he's aware that they're most likely some kind of dead creature like the ghosts, after dying too many times, or so the 2# writer says; aware that even if they're nice, they must follow orders, so if that becomes a thing, don't count on them. Agito and Lind don't greatly care for them, but the fact they help protect those who can't fight is appreciated, just in case one of them can't get to Akito in time.

The Lord and Lady - Not yet met, but warned about; neither is particularly nice, by the sounds of it, so Akito at least will be working to keep out of their way when he can; the Lady may be behind any children disappearing - this is very, very worrying to Akito, he has his suspicions as to what might happen but he doesn't know for sure...

Tanny - Lind met her one night when the girl had found out Sil had escaped. She felt sorry for her, and would like to know more about her. Akito met her outside during night 6 and they've talked. He's pretty much decided that he is going to be her friend.

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