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[Portes] Variations from canon

Due to the sheer length of time that Akito, Agito and Lind have been in the game, there is quite a bit of physical and mental variation from a pure canon version of themselves. This post is going to be dedicated to noting the differences.

The most important thing to remember however is that they are split into their own bodies, so what one may have physically, the others will not necessarily.


Minor details: He is about 4'6", and out of the three his eyes are more an amber gold than pure gold. He also does not wear his eyepatch (his eyes match thanks to the separation).

The most important physical difference between a canon!Akito and Portes!Akito, along with the most obvious way to tell him apart from Agito and Lind, is that Akito has wings thanks to a plot device. Each one is five feet long, giving him a ten-foot wingspan. The feathers are pure white, turning a light blue to darker blue near to his back. Around the base of his wings are very deep scars, a reminder that his wings actually grew in his back entirely too fast and burst out from his skin, leaving him with an ugly wound that, while healed, is still obvious in its scarring. This has obliterated most of the scarring from the abuse he suffered at the hands of Kaito. Akito also has a tattoo on one arm.

Mentally, Akito's had a lot of time to grow past being a pure pacifist and has gotten to the point where he'd like to be able to defend himself, at the very least. He doesn't flinch as much at the sight of blood unless it's in huge amounts, and fighting itself doesn't bother him as much anymore. His past is something he's grown to accept as not a good thing and he understands now that he can't just let Kaito treat him as he once did.


Minor details: He is about 4'7-8". While his eyes match, Agito does still wear his eye patch most of the time, regardless of not needing it. His eyes are the brightest gold.

Physically Agito is pretty similar to his canon counterpart, aside from a slight height boost from age. He has a tattoo that is very similar to Akito's, though it's missing some details in places. A permanent fixture is the plastic bracelet attached to one of his wrists, that will not come off.

Mentally is a whole other story. Agito has mellowed out a lot, and while he still has a temper that will explode given the chance, he's a lot calmer these days, and generally a bit easier to get along with. At the same time, he has not had a decent fight with a person who wasn't part of Portes (monster or NPC) for a long time so he is hella bored. Not out of practise thanks to Lind being around, but bored.


Minor details: She's 5'2". Since she never used it, there's no eyepatch in play. Her eyes are a mid-gold, and most of the time look normal instead of the Brain Charger twinkle. say the obvious, Lind is the most recognisable of the three purely because she is female thanks to Danielle giving her back Gazelle's body rather than a copy of Akito/Agito's. She's very much obviously an adult and older than the twins. She also has a tattoo, but hers is noticeably larger and tends to have multiple lines in places where Akito and Agito only have one.

Mentally, she tends to drift between thinking like Lind (kind of mostly looking out for herself and the twins, not caring a great deal about anything else aside from the few friends she's made) and thinking like Gazelle (curious as a cat, fairly friendly and kind to those who seem to need it). There are some people who definitely cause her to think more one way than the other.