sky_sharkling: (Thoughtful)
Akito Wanijima ([personal profile] sky_sharkling) wrote2021-01-27 06:44 pm
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This is an RP journal, used for Akito Wanijima from Air Gear. It is a partner account to [personal profile] sky_shark, which is Agito's, and [personal profile] sky_thorns, which is Lind's. For Portes, it's also partnered to [personal profile] sky_thistle

Please feel free to use this post to provide any crit you think I need, or just to contact me if you need to! Alternatively, you can use one of the following:

AIM: SkyDream16
Plurk: FortunaDraken

Please note that my Plurk is private, and I require some way of knowing who you are before accepting any friend invites.

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