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App for Bohren RP

Name: Fortuna
Main Journal: fortunadraken (both here and LJ)
AIM: SkyDream16

Character Name: Akito/Agito Wanijima
OC or Fandom: Fandom (Air Gear)
Age: 14

X where applicable:
New Trainer {} Seasoned Trainer {X} RTF {} Team Rocket {} Gym Leader {} Elite Four {}

Region and Town of Origin: Sinnoh, Hearthome City
Character's Pokemon, if not New: Gible, Carvanha

Character Personality: An MPD/DID kid, Akito and Agito are as different as night and day in most respects, even to the point where they call themselves the light and shadow respectively.

Akito's a bubbly little thing, and the older of the two in technical terms. He loves to have fun and make friends. And while he knows life isn't always the best, he tries not to let it get him down too much. Problem is, once things start getting tough, he'll become upset. He's childish in the way that he'll retreat and let Agito take over if he's getting unhappy, or if someone's bullying him. If it's generally unpleasant, chances are you'll be dealing with Agito rather than Akito. Akito is also fragile in the way that he doesn't take betrayal well at all. If a friend or someone close to him turns on the boy, you can expect not to see Akito for weeks. His loyalty to his friends is both incredibly strong and his greatest weakness: he trusts far too easily.

Agito's foul-mouthed and doesn't care what people think of him. His purpose in life is to protect Akito, and that's the only thing that's really important. He enjoys battling, sure, but if Akito's getting upset by it, he'll stop in a heartbeat. Agito's seen a shark, mostly for his ruthless and uncaring nature, as well as the fact he's really rather scary when he's angry. As a result of his coldness, he really doesn't know too well how to act around people when he's dragged into the conversation, except to swear out everyone in sight. People trying to get close to him he shies away from, uneasy with it. All he believes he needs is Akito.

As for Pokemon, Akito sees them as friends, and takes great care of them. He takes their feelings into consideration whenever he does something, and loves to see them happy and doing well. His other half sees Pokemon more as simply tools to do the job, and he gets frustrated and angry whenever they fail him. But when no one else is around to see, he can be a little nicer. Tough love, one could say. Though hell if he'll let anyone else see that. He also doesn't really like Gible that much.

Character History: Akito was first introduced to Pokemon at a young age. His brother was the one who gave him the young female Gible he now calls Gia. The two almost grew up together, leaving Akito with a deep fondness for the little land shark, while Gia would do just about anything for him. His brother introduced him to battling as well, though in truth Akito was a little more interested in the contests than fighting. But he wanted to please his brother, so battle he did. It was what ended up creating Agito.

His brother had been a policeman, and one day in order to get to him, a criminal gang decided to go after Akito. The battle left Gia very badly hurt, and Akito wanted nothing more to do with Pokemon for awhile, leaving the poor Gible confused but understanding. In order to try and forget that day, Akito ended up creating Agito in his mind in case his brother ever ordered him to fight again. When Akito finally emerged from his mind, swearing to himself never to battle again, he apologised to Gia for abandoning her for a time and she forgave him. The short time Agito had been out though had made her distrust him, and as a result she won't obey him. This led to him, once they were old enough to become a trainer, to catch a new Pokemon for himself.

Eventually the thought of a new region came to mind, perhaps as a way to avoid the memories that still bothered them, and the boy and his Pokemon came out to the far-out region of Bohren. A new start? They hoped so. Agito wanted to test himself against a league, which had been forbidden to him in Sinnoh. Akito just wanted to make some friends.

First Person:
Neh, this place is so different to home! I can't wait to explore~

I think Gia's excited too. Mm, are there contests here? I hope so. They're always fun to watch, and maybe we could try them now~ Things will be different without big brother...but I'm sure we'll be fine!

Oh...does anyone know where the first gym is here? Agito wants to know.

Fucking hell, this place is boring. It's no better than Sinnoh. Cowardly people and fucking idiots who think they can take me on. Tch.

Fuck there better be gyms here. Hopefully one of them won't be a waste of my time.

Third Person:
The sun was shining as Akito ran outside for his first proper look at this new region. Gia was right behind him, apparently just as eager to see this new place.

"Nyuuuu~ The sun feels great~" the light commented happily, shielding his eyes with a hand so he could still see. "You think we should look around first or go on and find a town?"

'You should stop wasting time, tch. I'm bored.'

Akito laughed at his other, kneeling down to pet Gia's fin. "Agito you're such a grouch. What do you think, Gia?" The Gible nodded agreement, chattering away a little in what sounded almost like she was scolding the unseen one. It made Akito laugh some more. "See Agito? Gia thinks you should lighten up~"

The only answer he got was grumbling, so Akito decided to go on and explore around a little. He ran onwards, Gia right behind him.


Pokemon: Gible
Nickname: Gia
Gender: Female
Nature: Gentle
Move Set: Take Down, Sand Attack, Dragon Rage, Sandstorm
EV’s: N/A

Pokemon: Carvanha
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Nature: Rash
Move Set: Bite, Rage, Ice Fang, Focus Energy
EV’s: N/A

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